Embedded systems design and defense management consulting

Providing end-to-end solutions: from analyzing and understanding the client’s needs to developing a solution with full life cycle support.


Life Cycle Management

From defining the needs to developing complete systems from prototypes to managing production to technical support and upgrades.


Product Development

Designing embedded systems, analog sensors and remote sensor networks for defense and space applications.



Consulting in defense planning, force development and resource management methods and practices

Reasons to Choose Us

Edgeway Inc. was established in 2008 as a defense consultancy focusing on supporting the defense sector reforms. In 2017, design and production of embedded systems was added to the portfolio.


Fifteen years of defense management consulting and a decade of high reliability embedded systems engineering.


Established network of partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, and defense consulting firms in Europe, North America and South-East Asia.


A core team of like-minded lead engineers allows us to deliver tailored solutions in the shortest time possible.

Competitive Pricing

Lean design and production process allows us to minimize overhead while delivering a high-quality service.

Product Portfolio


  • Modern tools, methods and best practices in Defense Planning and Management:

1. Democratic Control

2. Capabilities-Based Planning

3. Defense Resource Management

  • Change Management in support of Defense Sector Reforms
  • Curricula and content for Professional Development courses


Highlights of previous consulting work

  • Defense White Paper in Ukraine
  • Establishment of Joint Operations Command in Ukraine
  • Establishment of the Ministry of Defense in Montenegro
  • National Military Strategy in Azerbaijan
  • Force Structure Review in Bulgaria
  • Integration of the Ministry of Defense and General Staff in Bulgaria
  • Strategic Defense Review in Albania