Jaan H Murumets


Five years industry experience working as a consultant for numerous clients filling different roles: embedded electronics engineer, embedded software engineer, low level software consultant, project lead and architect.

Jaan Viru

Systems and Software Architect

Nine years experience in software project management and systems design, mainly in aerospace, autonomous vehichle and industrial projects

Markus Järve

Lead Electronics Engineer

Ten years of industry experience as an engineer and project manager. Participated in different unique aerospace and military projects from the EstCube sattelite to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Kristjan Tozen

Electronics and Hardware Architect

Four years experience integrating complex electronics with intricate mechanical designs in industrial, aerospace and military contexts

Jaan Murumets PhD

Chief Consultant

15 years of experience working in 17 countries, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union, but also in Latin America and Asia.